Animal watching

Animal Watching in the National ParksSouth Africa is well known for its abundant wildlife.

There are some 200 mammal species and 480 reptile species found in South Africa. From the famous Big Five to the lesser species, all play a vital role in the sensitive eco-systems. South Africa's National Parks offer visitors a chance to experience and appreciate this wildlife in their unique habitats.

The Big Five, given this honourary title as being the most dangerous animals to hunt, include the Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard. These magnificant animals can be seen in the bigger parks.

Some of these animals were on the brink of extinction and thanks to the foresight of conservationists past and present, their numbers have increased. There are still some animals on the seriously endangered list, including the Wild Dog.

The Parks located in the coastal areas offer visitors the chance to see whales during their calving season.

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