Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain Biking in SA Parks

The popular sport of Mountain Biking. Cyclists now have the opportunity to combine their cycling skills with a wilderness experience. A number of parks offer this activity which is designed to bring cyclists closer to nature than the more usual game drive experience.

The Kruger Park and KwaZulu Natal Parks offer excelent Mountain biking facilities.

Mountain Biking in the Kruger Park

Mountain Bike Trails - Olifants

Olifants Camp, situated high on a rocky outcrop and overlooking the Olifants River, is home to an exiting adventure activity in the Kruger National Park.

Departure times for the Mountain Bike Trails must be confirmed with Olifants Camp reception as departing times and days vary depending on the season. Currently on offer is a Morning and Afternoon excursion that varies between 3 and 4 hours in time depending on the route taken. Full day trails, that takes about 7 hours, are also available.

No persons under the age of 16 years are permitted on the Mountain Bike Trails.

Hardekool Draai Trail (green rating)

  • The recommended trail for beginners and the not-so-experienced rider
  • The cycle distance of this trail is 21,4 kilometres
  • This is a long trail and a certain degree of fitness is necessary

Olifants / Letaba River Confluence Trail (black rating)

  • The trip is very strenuous taking into account the time frame
  • The cycle distance of this trial is 12,2 km
  • It is compulsory to be an experienced rider if you want to enjoy this trail to it’s full potential as loose rocks and branches necessitate concentration on riding conditions

Klipkoppies Mozambique Border Trail (black rating)

  • The cycle distance of this trail is 24,8 km
  • A fair level of skill and fitness is required for this Border Trail that can be extended to the Gorge to make it a full day adventure. If the latter option is chosen, reservations for all 6 participants need to be made
  • Please note that full day trails is only suitable for very fit and experienced cyclists.

Mountain Biking in the KwaZulu Natal

Cycling and more particularly mountain biking is a very popular sport in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and there are a number of KZN Wildlife protected areas that provide ideal cycling opportunities.
In the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park these are Cathedral Peak, Lotheni, and Sani Pass.

Cathedral Peak (Green & Red rating)

Situated in the northern Drakensberg mountains is Cathedral Peak Reserve.
Within the reserve, Mike's Pass will take you to the top of the Little Berg and awesome views of the main mountain range. Ride or drive up to the Arendsig carpark from where you can enjoy 35kms of mountain bike trails.

  • Distance: Up to 35km
  • Riding Surface: Gravel road and Management 4x4 tracks
  • Caution: If riding down Mike's Pass be extremely cautious as this road is used by vehicles and a speed limit of 40km/hr is set.

Lotheni Nature Reserve (Green rating)

The beautiful Lotheni Valley and the Lotheni Nature Reserve lies in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains, and a simple mountain bike trail has been established in the reserve.
Approximately 14km long it goes past the historical Gelib Tree site and returns along the tarred road.
On a good warm day it's essential to stop for a swim at the magnificent Cool Pools.

  • Distance: approx 14km
  • Riding Surface: Single track and tar road
  • Caution: There is a steep downhill to a stream on this trail.

Sani Pass (Various ratings)

Green: Beginners and childrens rides 5 - 25km
Red: Intermediate riders 25 - 40km
Black: Hardcore riders only 40 - 100km

This is a dirt road mountain pass in the scenic Southern Drakensberg mountains, starting as a gradual incline and increasingly steep with hairpin bends and precipitous drops into the valley below.
The road is used by heavily loaded 4x4 vehicles so keep alert and ride safely.

  • Distance: from 5 to 100 km depending on stamina and fitness level

The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park (Green rating)

The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park also provides opportunities for mountain biking at False Bay and St Lucia Estuary.

  • These rides are all and vary in length from 15 to 25 kms on sand tracks, trails, gravel roads and tar
  • Due to the introduction of elephants to the western shores of Lake St Lucia the public can no longer ride mountain bikes on the trails around Charter's Creek or Fani's Island.

Contact us for more information on this activity as the terms conditions vary according to the park